Bevel gears

Bevel gear sets and differential gears from Cattini & Figlio are quite simply among the best in the market.

All our engineering, manufacturing, testing know-how together with our capabilities to analyse, propose, problem solve is condensed into every Product we make.

Cattini & Figlio is market leader in all medium/heavy duty bevel gears applications and is THE choice for all OEM’s worldwide in the agricultural, construction, buses, commercial vehicles and special vehicles sectors of activity.

Bevel gear sets face-milled up to 550 mm.
Bevel gear sets face-hobbed up to 550 mm.
Both face-milled and face-hobbed bevels may be lapped, CNC lapped, ground, superfinished.

Differential gears generated (Coniflex®) up to 350 mm.
Differential gears milled (Revacycle®).up to 250 mm.
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