Mr. Pierino Cattini matured a significant technical background during the second world war, where his task consisted to produce gears and other sophisticated components for military vehichles and ships.

After the war, Mr. Cattini started his own business under the strategy to endlessly expand the production program of his Company to become and remain one of the preminent Suppliers of transmission gears in the continent.

He also saw necessary, for the long term future of the Company, to  diversy his business by acquiring new Customers in different market segments and to enter the OEM business to quickly increase revenues and acquire market recognition in, at that time, fiercely competing arena.

Coherently with this strategy, after the cylindrical gears produced from ther very beginning, Mr. Cattini started to serve the agricultural tractor OEMs in the early ‘60s and to produce spiral bevel gears in the mid ‘60s.

We are especially proud that, after almost 60 years, these first OEM Customers are still part of our network today.

From then on, quality requirements and expectations in the industry have steadily increased and so did our capabilities in terms both of technological innovation and of management of complex tasks, always with the clear goal in mind to achieve highest Customer satisfaction and continous developement of our business.

1957 – Mr. Pierino Cattini




Hay elevators


Cylind. gears


Bevel gears


Planetary gears

In 1973, planetary ring gears were added to our product portfolio and, in the second half of the ‘80s, technological studies were in place for the introduction of the manual gear shifting systems which were launched in 1991.

The last complement to our range are the power-shift gear shifting systems which were produced from 2010, bringing with them the electron beam welding technology which, again, Cattini mastered to cater Customer’s need for reliable, heavy duty welding process.

A further innovation was the introduction of the shot peening process from 2014 which we developed with the support of one of our technological Partners and, finally, the closed loop methodology which was introduced in 2019 for the involute grinding of cylindrical gears. After many years of experience in spiral bevel gears, this sophisticated methodology is available for cylindrical gears as well, providing increased reliability and productivity of the grinding process, making possibile for production and measuring machines to communicate directly with no manual input.

Cattini’s strategy for the future is fuelled by ambition, ambition to endlessly grow to remain a strong presence in the power transmission segment, to remain a Partner supplier for its Customers, to remain a Company with strong family values for all Associates and Stakeholders.

Transforming a tough task into a winning solution: this is the Cattini way of life!







Press quenching heat treatment


Bevel gear grinding

Foto isola Liebherr o Viper

Foto isola G 60

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High speed cylindrical gear grinding


EBW & Shot peening


Power skiving & int. gear grinding